Raw, unfiltered conversations between 3 best friends
We’re Asian American young women who started this podcast to share our stories and growing pains as recent college graduates. Our intersecting identities as Asian American women play a large role in shaping our experiences as young adults and we hope this podcast acts as a time-capsule to remember and reflect on this time of transition in our lives. We invite you to listen & enjoy stories of us moving oolong!
Linda Kuo

By day, I work at a DC non-profit; by night, I'm an illustrator and digital creative.

My favorite episode is Episode 61. Call Us Jie Jie (姐姐) - it's all about our experiences as the older sister in the family and our different family dynamics.

Ming Gault

Hi! I'm a Chinese transracial/transnational adoptee still exploring where I fit in the Asian American diaspora experience.

Currently, I work full time in digital marketing at a patient assistance non-profit and can be found in the climbing gym trying to level up after work.

My favorite episode is Episode 7. The One Where We Became Friends - check it out for an intro to how the the three of us met and stayed friends after nearly 10 years!

Sally Feng

I'm in my second year at a 2-year post-bacc program working in microscopy, federal lab.

In what little free time I have, I enjoy sitting at a pottery wheel to create my own pots and bowls.

My favorite episode so far is Episode 67. Getting to the Meat of the Relationship with our good friend, Sebastian! Give it a listen...